Cold Chain Handling

All RealCold operations are planned with Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF) certification in mind, meaning we are dedicated to food safety and maintaining rigorous standards. These standards are based on our comprehensive SQF training and internal policies which ensure our sites and team members work consistently in an SQF-certified manner at all times.

Beyond the safety aspect of our cold chain process, RealCold employs thoughtful and proven handling approaches to inbound and outbound products based on years of experience.

Though almost all frozen inbound products arrive and are stored initially in pallets, significant outbound volumes require case picking. This is especially true for outbound store and food service orders as well as replenishment of ecommerce each-pick areas.

Additionally, RealCold offers automated case storage, picking and even mixed case palletization for shipping cube and aisle friendly mixed pallets. As a final layer of handling detail, RealCold offers our each piece picking and fulfillment service. With RealCold, handling is more than simply moving pallets—much more.

RealCold Handling Services

Pallet Receipt Services

For all types of third-party logistics, handling the receipt process is critical. Any errors can have ongoing negative effects on the entire operation. Advanced warehouse systems and barcoding with RF equipment ensures all inbound pallets are captured and updated accurately into inventory.

Pallet Checking and Cross-Docking

In some cases, put-away and storage can be bypassed, saving both time and money. For cross-dock orders, once the receipt process is complete, outbound shipping labels are created and pallets rapidly continue their journey to customers or stores.

Pallet Inversions

Often pallets used by manufacturing sites or outside contract producers/packers are not the same as those specified and required by your retail customers. Instead of rehandling every case, RealCold has pallet inverters on site to convert these to the pallets required by your end receiver.

Layer Picking

RealCold also offers efficient layer picking for entire layers or multiple full layers as dictated by your customer orders. This approach helps lower costs and speed up processing.

Inbound Pallet Decanting for Case and Each Storage

As ecommerce orders for individual cases or each items continue to grow, special inbound processing is often needed. Based on your volumes and projections, RealCold will decant pallets to cases and also cases to eaches, facilitating rapid response to orders.

Case Order Picking and Outbound Order Assembly

In an industry which has resisted case picking requirements, RealCold is the exception. We have invested in efficient manual and automated solutions based on required case handling volumes.

Mixed Pallet Handling

Not infrequently, mixed pallets of inbound products must be assembled. RealCold is particularly adept at creating and handling these for direct-to-store and aisle friendly delivery.