Cold Chain Value Added Services

RealCold is a future state cold chain logistics provider. That means we’re different from traditional cold warehouses, and a key differentiator is our value added services. RealCold provides a variety of both physical and technological offerings, all tailored to create significant value for your customer’s customers—and you.

RealCold Physical Value Added Services

—E-commerce and DTC Fulfillment—

E-commerce Solutioning/Enablement

Figuring out how to move product (especially cold ones) from supplier to customer isn’t always an easy task. With RealCold’s deep industry expertise and collaborative approach, we create, educate, enable the ideal cold-chain solution for you.

Each Pick, Kitting, and Order Fulfillment

RealCold has developed fast and efficient processes for picking and packing of eaches. Additionally, RealCold specializes in the advance creation of several set multi-SKU kits for meal prep and other products that require combining units.

Personalization and Gifting Programs

Your customer’s customers are unique, and personalizing their orders can surprise and delight them. Let us manage the details like sending orders to others as gifts and including personalized cards and messages; this adds a memorable, boutique touch.

Dry Ice and Freezer Pack Management

The most important (and often weakest) link is maintaining cold chain temperatures during final ecommerce delivery to consumers. Based on years of experience, we have developed a series of cost effective dry ice and pack options to suit your products specifically.

Marketplace and Selling Platform Integration

Regardless of whether you are running your own online store using Shopify, BigCommerce (or others), or perhaps you are leveraging a marketplace like Amazon, RealCold can integrate across systems to access order data for preparation and shipping.

—Other Logistics Services—

Supply Chain Network Modeling

Based on your unique brand and customer base needs, RealCold can work with you to collect the data needed to develop optimal supply chain network models, determining optimal locations and services for your business.

Case Pick and Retail Replenishment

When a replenishment order is triggered, goods are picked, packed, and shipped, maintaining an optimal balance between supply and demand by continually restocking sold or used products. 

Cross Docking

For hyper-fast turning products, goods from incoming trucks can be loaded directly into outbound transportation with little or no storage in between.  This accelerates the delivery time to customers. 

Direct-to-Store-Delivery ("DSD") Program

Direct to Store Delivery requests are rising in popularity due to retail store ecommerce demands, and often retailers have unique requirements. Don’t worry—RealCold can help tailor your DSD programs to meet any specific needs.

Labeling and/or Relabeling

Whether due to your own product information changes or customer private brand needs, products often need special labeling or relabeling. Our sites work with you to quickly complete these tasks cost efficiently.

Retail Compliance Services

Retail compliance requirements—and fines—are growing in respect to labeling and shipment of “On Time” delivery as well as “In Full.” RealCold has the experience and methods to help you meet these challenging requirements.

Temperature Probing & Verification 

All frozen product receipts are temperature probed as required in order to ensure cold chain temperatures have been maintained during shipment. In cases of frequent site issues or vendor concerns, RealCold can provide you with the assurance of 100% checks.

Inbound Product Decanting and Repacking

Often frozen products come from manufacturers in bulk cartons which are not each-pick ready; they require decanting and repacking which prepares them for rapid ecommerce each-picking.

RealCold Technological Value Added Services

Supply Chain Network Modeling 

Based on your unique brand and customer base needs, RealCold can work with you to collect the data needed to develop optimal supply chain network models, determining optimal locations and services for your business.

Inventory Strategies & Management

Identifying and maintaining sufficient inventory levels in all locations is one of your primary keys to ensuring your ability to meet customer needs. RealCold is your partner and works closely with your manufacturing and inventory teams to maintain the most efficient balances.

Distributed Order Management

The ubiquity of ecommerce means brands and retailers require local inventory to be deployed closer to end customers for rapid and cost-effective last mile delivery. RealCold employs Distributed Order Management (“DOM”) to support this approach.

Product Warehouse Management

RealCold uses advanced warehouse management systems to control products from the moment they enter our locations until they leave. Need real-time visibility of inventory whether, in storage or in transit? We’ve got you covered.

Multi-Party Technology Integration

Another key differentiator RealCold offers is the ability to work with various enterprise resource planning systems, integrating and interfacing with these technologies to offer robust information processing and control.

Order Management & Processing 

Whether it’s Retail Distribution, Food Service delivery, Direct-to-Store or Direct-to-Consumer ecommerce, the efficiency of RealCold’s order management is paramount in allowing brands and retailers to maintain superlative customer experiences.

Inventory Visibility & In-Transit Messaging

As your products move through the supply chain, visibility is key for all parties. With this in mind, RealCold captures and processes all types of application programming interface (API), electronic data interchange (EDI) and other forms of messaging to maintain systems accuracy, customer service and updates.