Colton, California is situated in San Bernardino County, and is less than 60 miles from downtown Los Angeles.  This ideal location allows the facility to service a massive population, totaling 22 million people (100 miles radius).

With a lack of abundant cold storage in California, this facility is a rarity.  Moreover, it is optimally configured to serve as an e-commerce and DTC-fulfillment center. In fact, the entire state of California can reached with 1-day or 2-day outbound delivery. The facility offers a temperature range of -10°F to 55°F and has 5,000 pallet positions to support the e-commerce fulfillment.

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Value added Service

Market trends are changing the dynamics of the food supply chain requiring companies to re-think retail-replenishment strategies. RealCold recognizes these needs by offering robust value-added services and expertise

National Footprint

RealCold is developing two build-to-suit sites with 70K+ pallet positions across 675k+ square feet, and has five currently operational high-throughput facilities

Customer-centric Engineering

RealCold prides itself on becoming a trusted partner, wholly aligned to our customers’ visions; this is manifested in a deep understanding of customer needs and pain-points, and the development of specific solutions for each client