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With the demands of a changing world, you need cold chain solutions that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Strategic locations, flexible multi-temperature storage and an omni-channel approach are more critical than ever in connecting you with consumers.
We understand how trends affect your business and that’s why we provide custom tailored cold-storage solutions. We’re a new kind of cold chain company: we solve problems, unbottle bottlenecks and connect you faster and more seamlessly than ever to your customers.
We’re RealCold and you’re about to experience the cold chain unchained.

RealCold Team

Your brand is different. Your cold chain solutions should be, too.

Cold Chain Storage

As your business's food storage needs evolve, you need an innovative cold chain solutions provider to help you meet the challenge. RealCold offers sophisticated, custom-engineered solutions combined with cutting-edge technology to give your company a competitive edge. Our experienced cold chain management team understands the industry trends that impact your business. We focus on solving problems, removing bottlenecks and ensuring a faster and more efficient connection to your customers. We leverage our vast and diverse industry knowledge and experience to seamlessly integrate our value-added services into our e-commerce solutions. Whether your company requires case picking, kitting, inventory management or any of our additional offerings, we can deliver a tailored cold chain logistics result that removes the burden from your shoulders.

Who we serve

Locations We Serve

Our strategically located facilities across the U.S. creates a robust national network. With a combined total of 132,000 pallet positions, we can accommodate the volume, proximity and convenience to support your needs.

Our locations include:

  • Clearfield, Utah (Salt Lake City metro)
  • Denton, Texas (Dallas metro)
  • Ormond Beach, Florida (Orlando metro)
  • Colton, California (San Bernadino)
  • Lakeland, Florida (Orlando and Tampa metros)
  • Lockhart, Texas (Austin and San Antonio metros)
  • Clackamas, Oregon (Portland metro)


Our range of innovative cold chain technologies and services include:

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Value Added Services

With tens of thousands of pallets in our temperature-controlled facilities, coupled with our flexible racking solutions, we can store your goods safely and cost-effectively.​

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At RealCold, we believe that handling frozen goods involves more than moving pallets. Our capabilities encompass areas such as each/case/pallet picking, pallet inversions, and pallet assembly.

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With tens of thousands of pallets in our temperature-controlled facilities, coupled with our flexible racking solutions, we can store your goods safely and cost-effectively.​

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We utilize a combination of our dedicated fleet and third-party transport services to ensure your company receives the most efficient and affordable delivery solutions.

RealCold is not a one-size-fits-all storage operation. Regardless of the services you require, we’ll provide a customized solution that helps your company meet its objectives.


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